About Us

Cider Lodge is the home and orchard of Pratima and Deependra Singh (Bhaiyu Singh). Painstakingly built, their home is a labour of love that they created with the help of local workers and craftsman over a period of three years. Merging traditional country style living with modern amenities Cider Lodge carries an undeniable air of charm and comfort which makes it a perfect getaway for friends, family and guests. 


Surrounded by endless Deodar forests, Cider Lodge sits on an isolated hill nestled amidst a young but thriving apple orchard.  Set just outside a little hamlet called Kohlara in Jubbal, an area which falls within HP's prosperous apple growing belt, it is at a height of 7500 ft and  85 Kms north east of Shimla. 

The average snowfall in winter is around 4 feet which provides the perfect chilling factor necessary for crisp and crunchy apples .


Bhaiyu Singh spent 28 Years in the corporate sector working with the Tatas, ITC, and Princeton Infrastructure, till he decided to give it all up for farming and building a home in the hills. He planted an apple orchard in his ancestral village in Kohlara, worked on it passionately for many years and as a result has developed a high quality and high yielding apple orchard.


Cider Lodge prides itself in following the very best farming practices and as such has shown great success in producing apples in two varieties, the Royal Delicious and the very tasty Golden Apple. This year Pratima and Bhaiyu Singh have decided to go the direct sale route for their apple produce so as to provide fresh fruit directly to your homes. The fruit will reach your doorstep within four days of being plucked from the trees. Areas of distribution would be Chandigarh, Gurugram, Delhi and Noida. However, bulk orders can be delivered on request in other parts of North India. Our packaging comes in approximately 5kg boxes. The minimum order taken will be 5 kgs and a bulk order will constitute a minimum of 100 boxes.

The season starts in September and lasts all the way upto end October. Exact dates will be given closer to the time of harvest, as weather plays a crucial role in the determining the harvesting date of the fruit. However information and rates for the 5 kg boxes will be given well in advance, so as to facilitate orders.

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