• Where are your apples from?

    Our apples are grown on our orchard in Kohlara, Jubbal, HP. It is 85 kms from Simla at a height of 7,500 feet. ( Optimum height and weather for good quality apples).

  • What variety are these apples?

    We grow two kinds of apples, the Royal Delicious and the Golden Delicious.

  • Are all the apples harvested at one time?

    No, the apple harvesting is staggered over a period of about 2 months (September- October). The harvesting of the Royal Delicious spurs are the first to be harvested then we harvest the conventional Royal Delicious and the last harvesting is of the Golden Apples.

  • What are the advantages of buying apples from you directly?

    Firstly they are fresh off the tree apples, which are harvested and delivered all within a span of 4-5 days to your doorstep.  

    We do not subscribe to the cold storage apple and our season is limited to the three months that apples ripen on trees.

  • Are your apples organic?

    No they are not, because that is not a viable option keeping in mind the farmers around us who cannot sustain this method. As a result we cannot either, given our proximity to other orchards.

    However we keep chemical usage to the minimum and our apples are chemical residue free when they reach you. Free from chemicals and any artificial enhancer like wax and colour spray.

  • What quantity of packaging do you do?

    Cider Lodge apples come in approximately 5 kg package only, where each box is individually graded and packed. The boxes will contain 20, 25 or 30 pieces of apples depending on their size.

  • What is the method of payment?

    Online payment on the website is preferable Cash on Delivery is also an option for a minimum order of 10 kgs(2 boxes). All apples will be delivered to you. However, we would recommend advance orders and payments.

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